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Education at the Rembrandtparkschool
Our education is in many ways similar to the education in many other primary schools. We do not commit ourselves to one discipline. We look at what works for our students. We consciously build in moments of reflection with the team. We evaluate our pedagogical and didactic actions according to the so-called Triband accountability. The three wavelengths of this can be found on our website. The education at our school offers children opportunities and sufficient challenge to develop. We strive for a balance in our curriculum, a balance between the head (thinking), the heart (feeling) and the hands (doing, moving). We offer education in a year-matter class system. Education is organized around the age group of children. Each group has its own classroom and 1 or 2 permanent teachers who teach, at least in the core subject of language and mathematics. By working with a fixed group, we create a safe learning an living environment. This gives teachers a good overview of the development of each child entrusted to them. Naturally, children sometimes play and learn together with children from other groups. In addition, given the specific educational needs of a child, math and/or language instructions may be more appropriate in an other group.

City district West
Orteliusstraat 28
1057BB Amsterdam

020-820 8262

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Director: Mevr. M. Jansen


Baarsjesweg 224
1058AA Amsterdam

020 515 0440

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Yes, this school is linked to a pre-school.

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