I do not agree with my child's placement.

You can submit a complaint to the Complaints Committee of the school administration board that 
governs the school you applied to. The school administration board is responsible for processing that 
application. The complaints regulations of each school administration board apply. 

a. Public schools
Under the General Administrative Law Act (Algemene Wet Bestuursrecht), parents can submit a written objection
to the school's administration board within six weeks of the date
of the rejection. Subject to the condition that an objection has already been submitted, and if the parents 
claim to have an urgent interest, a petition for temporary provisions (a preliminary injunction) can be submitted to the administrative law sector of the competent court in Amsterdam.
b. Denominational schools
Based on the General Administrative Law Act, the regulations concerning objections and appeals do not apply to a denominational school's decision not to admit a child, since the school's administration is not an administrative body in the sense of the above-mentioned law. Parents can, however, send a request to reconsider to the school's administration. If the parents refuse to accept the decision, they must turn to the civil court in Amsterdam. In the case of an urgent interest, a provisions procedure (= preliminary injunction) can be brought before
the court. 

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