Do all schools participate?

The same regulations for enrolling your child at primary school apply to nearly all primary schools in Amsterdam. Of the 210 primary schools in the city, 14 schools do not yet participate in the joint regulations.

The following schools are not participating in the 2020-2021 school year:

Centrum: ASVO

Noord: Vrijeschool Kairos

West: Vrijeschool Amsterdam West

Zuid district: Amsterdamse Montessorischool, Willemsparkschool, Cornelis Vrij, Peeterschool, Hildebrand van Loonschool, 1e Openluchtschool, 2e Openluchtschool, Geert Groote 1, Geert Groote 2, Buitenveldertse Montessorischool (BMS), Cheider.

If you want to apply for one of these schools on behalf of your child, please contact the school directly.

There are also schools that have specific conditions regarding enrolment. These schools select pupils on the basis of their religion or beliefs. They do participate in the admission policy, but clearly state that additional conditions need to be met. These schools are GBS Veerkracht (Reformed), Rosj Pina (Jewish), Crescendo and De Morgenster (evangelical).

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